How To Use Monopolar RF Facial Skin Tightening Machines

The demand for non-surgical treatments continues to grow, and with it comes the advances in technology. Radio Frequency is widely accepted as one of strongest skin tightening methods out there – making it an excellent choice when looking at facial rejuvenation options!

The differences between different types of radio frequencies are often overlooked, but it is important to know which technology will work best for you.

Monopolar RF

With Monopolar RF, there is no difference between the current flowing through your body and that which originates from a single electrode. The only issue with this setup would be if you had an open wound or skin condition on one of these areas because it could burnt by both types simultaneously!

Monopolar RF treatment can penetrate through all of your skin layers, which means that you will receive an effective therapy even if some parts are covered with fat or muscle.

Radio Frequency treatments are great for anyone who wants to stop the signs of aging, like wrinkles and sagging skin. Radiofrequency energy shows up under your skin where it modifies its structure byinducing new collagen production!

Heating with hot water causes an immediate contraction and increased metabolism in the fibroblasts, accelerating production of new collagen fibers.

The skin becomes tighter and smoother with increased collagen production. This safe process provides an alternative to facelifts or other cosmetic surgeries that can be expensive, painful procedures in some cases!

Monopolar Skin Tightening Machines

Use the Monopolar RF skin tightening machines by attaching a conductive pad to your client’s body. The best place for this is where you want treatments, like on their face or hands–but not any other part of the arm! You can also use ultrasound gel in addition if needed."

Overheating of the skin can cause burns, so always make sure you are maintaining a temperature over 115°F (46 °C) for at least 3 minutes with your handheld probe in motion. The heat-shock proteins stimulate new collagen fibers to form on clients’ skins!

The Skin Tightening process can be a little tricky to start with, but it’s worth the effort. You’ll notice that your skin gets tighter and smoother in no time at all!


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